Myself and my blog

Since my tender childhood and with my years of horse back ridding, I have developed the love of well crafted and made-to-measure items. It started with a saddle, then a pair of bespoke ridding boots to then reach its height with a leather briefcase designed with my saddler.

The development of my interest was very much influenced or helped by my parents. The fact is; my dad works for a luxury boat manufacturer and my mum, is a passionate of watches and a brand consultant, who made the watchmaking industry her specialist field – They both made me understand and appreciate handmade and well finished work, the savoir-faire of the craftsmen, the patience required to discover what a tailored product has to reveal.

Years have passed and  I have like many people piled up loads of stuff of all quality; quantity and variety was my motto at the time. I have since changed my mind and believe that ‘less is more’ and ‘good quality items and limited editions’ will last for ever.

Centuries ago, gifts had to be personalised and bespoke. And today, more and more people are turning their back to mass production. I guess this is what motivates me to populate this blog and celebrate beauty and quality of work, unique and sustainable experience/objects.

I am half Swiss and half French living in London and working in media. Everyday, I am exposed to many blogs and press which are endless sources for my blog. I am also a keen traveller and always write down my findings as I visit countries and cities.

I hope I can share this interest with many people and help them find items which aren’t enough talked about.

Feel free to comment, share, foward to keep ‘Limited Items’ alive.


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