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Alice in Wonderland rings by H.Stern

Alice in Wonderland  released a few months ago, generated the creation of various collectibles. The H.Stern Collection of sculpture-rings reflects fantastic creatures from Tim Burton’s film and includes a cat that glows in the dark. Moving away from the obvious and well known characters of the story, they chose natural elements and spectacular creatures from Wonderland to give shape to ten rings, pieces of art.

Available in two sizes: Extraordinary and Human dimension



Not just another papercut maps

I am just an admirer of the patience of certain designers who, despite spending hours creating a piece, will sell it for pretty much nothing.

Julie is one of these. This French designer behind Famille Summerbelle spent an insane amount of time drawing and cutting beautiful cut out maps of London, New York and Paris.


CitiZ Paris + New York by Nespresso

As a coffee addict, I couldn’t help noticing these two special editions of the Nespresso line CitiZ.

The new Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker range takes its inspiration from the streets. The colors of well-known focal points and objects, the design and shapes of buildings and landmarks, and the urban vibes.  An  exclusive Paris and New York series have been designed by the T.O.T artist collective and are available to order online.

If a London version is being created, I will undoubtably add it to my cluttered kitchen counter.


Art print on iPhone or laptop skin by Society6

Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Society6, an international artist community representing more than 70 countries worldwide, to bring you PRINT SHOP. Select your favorite piece and choose to have it printed as a gallery-quality art print, iPhone skin or laptop skin. Society6 will print it and ship it directly to you. A good starting point to customize your laptop or iphone.

And I am just a fan of Cinquecento illustrations and I am loving the Rachel Wilson’s series for Print Shop.


Personalised Pop Art portrait or photo on canvas

This is not just about putting a photo through a couple of filters on your computer. But a group of artists  who will create your modern portrait of any worth.

In all the process should take 2-4 weeks.


State-of-the-art laser cutting

Discovered this East London studio where each artwork is hand drawn, then transferred  to state-of-the-art laser cutting machines, where they are cut from the highest quality board with a degree of accuracy unmatched by traditional cutting techniques. Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist.

They can create bespoke pieces for your company, building or family.

The one above is limited to: 50