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Eastpak Backpack by Christopher Shannon

This is a backpack, but not the kind you usually see. For one, This is in a so-loud-it’s-deafening white and it’s made from PVC. To put it simply, this is one for those who don’t want to be too loud but still stylish enough to be noticable… White is the new Black..

By the way a great gift for Father’s Day.

And you get a free complimentary pouch, the POD.



Another Eyewear brand made of wood

Some of you will have seen my post about Kult by now, but with the summer hitting some parts of the globe (even in the UK) I thought it is the time yet again to highlight another sunglasses brand which also makes frames in handcarved wood. Their slogan, “Experiment With Nature,” exemplifies exactly what the Portland, Oregon label is about – handcrafting eyewear with locally sourced wood. Not only that, but Shwood are finishing the frames with Carl Zeiss lenses, some of the best glass on the market.


Lost & Found furniture collection by &made

Each piece of &made ‘Lost & Found’ collection has been rescued from the streets and regenerated and produced into furniture. This collection is now available on commission for bespoke order.

This is just a great initiative marrying design and recycling.


Wallpapered furniture by Bryonie Porter

Loving this idea of wallpapering furniture.

Bryonie Porter creates these beautiful papered pieces using wallpaper on antique and modern furniture. Using a water-based (environmentally friendly high gloss laquer) she transforms sometimes humdrum pieces into stunning works of art.

Wallpaper used on this pic is by Timorous Beasties, a studio I have already blogged about a while back.


Another take on Mexican bracelets by Dezso

Remember these bracelets you would made for yourselves or for your friends at school? 

Well, as part of her new jewelry line, Dezso, Sara Belatraz offers this adolescent classic with a grown-up twist: a silver or gold seashell. Ideal to compare the tan lines at the end of summer. Rest of the collections worth a glance too.


Recycled cassette tape necktie by Alyce Santoro

The sonic fabric neckties are a limited-edition project made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread. The fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it! (if you’d like a demo; alyceobvious).

The ties come in three colors: black (woven with black thread and black tape), dark brown (brown tape, black thread), and light gray (gray thread, black tape). Each comes packaged with a descriptive label.


Wooden laptop skins by KARVT

KARVT skins are personally hand-crafted and offer a simple and effective way to completely remodel your Mac or Ipad. Their skins are made of 100% real wood, which is both sustainable and eco-friendly. And they use a professional grade 3M backing adhesive that sticks perfectly. They  also have limited series and special edition created in collaboration with Artists..

 No more bubbles with cheesy vinyl sticker skins – Enjoy!