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A rainbow of socks

A big thanks to Claire who shared with me this site where you can buy socks in multiple colours… which is the perfect match with the laces I have blogged about a couple of days ago.

Looking at them, I just want to mix and match…

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Compose with the French brand Les Composantes

Les Composantes is a French fashion label that offers a limited collection each month, as well as exclusive vintage items. It offers clothes and accessories that women have always wanted but have never found, such as the essentials: the perfect little black dress or the classic leather bag with a slight twist which make them very special…

There is also a section where you can sell and buy items to come in support of the association of  Malaria No More.

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Colourful laces for men

It’s been a while since my last post but today I have decided to untie the knot and start posting again.

So what is more natural to talk about a small familial business which has been florishing in the make of colourful laces since 1920. This French manufacturer offers over ten different shades of laces for menshoes.

They are made and teinted in France and are a real must have to costumise your old shoes or the ones that are worn by the ‘too manies’.

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Camera bags by M Billingham & Comust

Another day, another type of bag. The take of the day!

The new fStop range from Billingham embodies that unique combination of tradition and innovation. Designed for those times when you want to travel light, but still providing the high level of protection, style and craftsmanship.

The company’s transition from a manufacturer of fishing bags to one of camera bags came about in 1978 when Martin Billingham, a keen photographer himself, discovered that the fishing bags he made were being used by New York photographers.


Eastpak Backpack by Christopher Shannon

This is a backpack, but not the kind you usually see. For one, This is in a so-loud-it’s-deafening white and it’s made from PVC. To put it simply, this is one for those who don’t want to be too loud but still stylish enough to be noticable… White is the new Black..

By the way a great gift for Father’s Day.

And you get a free complimentary pouch, the POD.


Marseille liquid soap in limited editions by Companie de Provence

‘Compagnie de Provence’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a limited edition desigh by a local artist. The collection of 3 items uses the brand’s iconic bottle with designs inspired by the renowned port of Marseille. Each bottle is filled with a fresh, sea-inspired fragrance of liquid Marseille soap, made in the traditional fashion from vegetable oils.

No need to say that my favorite one is the boisterous tattooed sailor…


Another Eyewear brand made of wood

Some of you will have seen my post about Kult by now, but with the summer hitting some parts of the globe (even in the UK) I thought it is the time yet again to highlight another sunglasses brand which also makes frames in handcarved wood. Their slogan, “Experiment With Nature,” exemplifies exactly what the Portland, Oregon label is about – handcrafting eyewear with locally sourced wood. Not only that, but Shwood are finishing the frames with Carl Zeiss lenses, some of the best glass on the market.