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Compose with the French brand Les Composantes

Les Composantes is a French fashion label that offers a limited collection each month, as well as exclusive vintage items. It offers clothes and accessories that women have always wanted but have never found, such as the essentials: the perfect little black dress or the classic leather bag with a slight twist which make them very special…

There is also a section where you can sell and buy items to come in support of the association of  Malaria No More.

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Camera bags by M Billingham & Comust

Another day, another type of bag. The take of the day!

The new fStop range from Billingham embodies that unique combination of tradition and innovation. Designed for those times when you want to travel light, but still providing the high level of protection, style and craftsmanship.

The company’s transition from a manufacturer of fishing bags to one of camera bags came about in 1978 when Martin Billingham, a keen photographer himself, discovered that the fishing bags he made were being used by New York photographers.


Another Eyewear brand made of wood

Some of you will have seen my post about Kult by now, but with the summer hitting some parts of the globe (even in the UK) I thought it is the time yet again to highlight another sunglasses brand which also makes frames in handcarved wood. Their slogan, “Experiment With Nature,” exemplifies exactly what the Portland, Oregon label is about – handcrafting eyewear with locally sourced wood. Not only that, but Shwood are finishing the frames with Carl Zeiss lenses, some of the best glass on the market.


Ipad and Laptop Portfolios by Kenton Sorenson

Kenton Sorenson produces natural leather and handmade products which age just perfectly. My two favorite items are the Laptop and Ipad portfolios. In the first one, there’s enough room for a laptop, a magazine and some paper work. The price may look a little steep, but this is a piece that you won’t regret buying in a few years time.


Conch and Dieter R6 handmade wallets by Six Eight Seven Six

The final installment of the R6 collection for summer 2010 is the release of two luxury wallets in premium quality vegetable tanned Italian leather. The Conch (zipper wallet) and Dieter (card holder) are hand made in England, are both available in three colours ways with contrast interiors and have quality embossed branding.

What I like the most apart from their quality and colours is the ‘Enjoy without restraint’ notice found in both versions…


After Karl Cola, Dita Perrier

This summer, Perrier teams with “pin-up” model Dita Von Teese for a limited edition “Paparazzi” line. The entire Perrier range (PET and glass bottles, cans and multi-packs) sees a black and silver portrait of Dita printed across their labels. Available June 2010.

Wonder from which one of  the Karl Lagerfeld Cola or Dita Perrier I will take my first sip…

Another take on Mexican bracelets by Dezso

Remember these bracelets you would made for yourselves or for your friends at school? 

Well, as part of her new jewelry line, Dezso, Sara Belatraz offers this adolescent classic with a grown-up twist: a silver or gold seashell. Ideal to compare the tan lines at the end of summer. Rest of the collections worth a glance too.