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Recycled cassette tape necktie by Alyce Santoro

The sonic fabric neckties are a limited-edition project made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread. The fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it! (if you’d like a demo; alyceobvious).

The ties come in three colors: black (woven with black thread and black tape), dark brown (brown tape, black thread), and light gray (gray thread, black tape). Each comes packaged with a descriptive label.



Remix of microphone as light fixture by Re-Surface

RE-SURFACE produces a range of hand-crafted lighting and interior décor objects with art at heart, and design in mind.

I just like their SOLO re-mix of the classic microphone as light fixture to create a nice atmosphere or to hang above a MetroFarm DJ table for reading disc labels.


Nixon X Gumball 3000 Watch

Now that the sun is settling, I can show my wrist more than ever… and I wouldn’t go out without a decent watch on.  My plan is to start with dark pieces and gradually move to colourful timekeepers. (according to my tan and if I can get one in London)

First in mind is the Nixon Gumball 3000 with a black Rubber Player featuring a custom gold caseback, crown and hands. It also features co-branded artwork on the case. Available exclusively at Nixon retailers along the rally route in London, Amsterdam, Boston, Montreal, Toronto and New York City beginning May 1st.


CitiZ Paris + New York by Nespresso

As a coffee addict, I couldn’t help noticing these two special editions of the Nespresso line CitiZ.

The new Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker range takes its inspiration from the streets. The colors of well-known focal points and objects, the design and shapes of buildings and landmarks, and the urban vibes.  An  exclusive Paris and New York series have been designed by the T.O.T artist collective and are available to order online.

If a London version is being created, I will undoubtably add it to my cluttered kitchen counter.


Ceramic speakers by Joey Roth

Simple, great material usage and good performance these Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth are perfect for pairing with an aluminum laptop, iMac, or similarly minimal turntable. Made from porcelain, wood and cork, Roth chose the materials not only for the aesthetic appeal they add to desktops, but also because porcelain’s density and “acoustical deadness” rivals that of wood or plastic enabling the cone shape.


Dior Christal 44mm Mystérieuse

The Dior Christal Mystérieuse is an amazing timepiece to behold. And coming from a Swiss this is quite a compliment. It’s an interesting progression into horlogerie, to create a watch that is visually striking – but not exactly functional as an easily readable. A large part of this has to do with the fact that the dial of the watch is always moving, just doing so at a slow rate. This mechanism allows the façade to perpetually rotate, returning to its initial position only once a month.

I cannot decide if this more of a women or a men watch? And I am struggling to understand why the price tag is so high when it is a quartz movement after all?

Limited to: 100


MetroFarm DJ tables

Metrofarm Studio has produced a number of stunning, custom built DJ Desks. Having released a concrete DJ table a couple of years back, the new desks, in folded stainless steel and wood painted black and neon orange demand attention.