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La Maison Goyard

Goyard doesn’t advertise and can only be found in a couple of places around the globe – wonder why this  brand is still a hiden secret.

It started as a luxury luggage and travel case making workshop in 1853 and the family has since continued to use the same hand manufacturing techniques.  The pattern which makes the brand unique is hand painted and you can have your initials or any other symbol hand painted too.



Tortoiseshell frames by Osawa Bekko

Today most tortoiseshell frames are actually imitation, but if you want the real thing, head to Osawa Bekko in Tokyo, one of the finest tortoiseshell frame makers. It is a highly skilled but low-tech craft – it can take up to three days to make a simple pair of frames.


301 turntable by Shindo Laboratory

Everything in the Shindo’s turntable – from the handmade cherry wood cabinet and vintage style bakelite needle cartridge to the weighted platter and precision tonerarm – is assembled by the designer at his Saitama City facility where he also lives. Each made-to-order unit takes about  a week to produce.


The Premier case by Italian minimalist Fronzoni

The Premier was designed in 1973 by Italian minimalist A.G. Fronzoni. And although it predated the laptop by a century or two, the Premier might well be the ultimate laptop case. Consider the wow-effect of you walking into a meeting with this case!

The Premier is manufactured by Italian design house Valextra, known for their immaculate leather craftsmanship and minimalist purity in forms. It is made with their signature grain leather, which makes the case rigid and lightweight. It comes in two sizes and a range of colours.