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Camera bags by M Billingham & Comust

Another day, another type of bag. The take of the day!

The new fStop range from Billingham embodies that unique combination of tradition and innovation. Designed for those times when you want to travel light, but still providing the high level of protection, style and craftsmanship.

The company’s transition from a manufacturer of fishing bags to one of camera bags came about in 1978 when Martin Billingham, a keen photographer himself, discovered that the fishing bags he made were being used by New York photographers.



Eastpak Backpack by Christopher Shannon

This is a backpack, but not the kind you usually see. For one, This is in a so-loud-it’s-deafening white and it’s made from PVC. To put it simply, this is one for those who don’t want to be too loud but still stylish enough to be noticable… White is the new Black..

By the way a great gift for Father’s Day.

And you get a free complimentary pouch, the POD.


Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Trophy 2010 Travel Case

Commissioned by FIFA, the special Louis Vuitton order case is designed to accommodate the celebrated Trophy, which measures 36 cm in height, weighs 6.175 kg and is made of solid 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite. 

Like all Louis Vuitton special orders, the FIFA World Cup Trophy case was made at the company’s original workshop in Asnières.

Ipad and Laptop Portfolios by Kenton Sorenson

Kenton Sorenson produces natural leather and handmade products which age just perfectly. My two favorite items are the Laptop and Ipad portfolios. In the first one, there’s enough room for a laptop, a magazine and some paper work. The price may look a little steep, but this is a piece that you won’t regret buying in a few years time.


Not just another papercut maps

I am just an admirer of the patience of certain designers who, despite spending hours creating a piece, will sell it for pretty much nothing.

Julie is one of these. This French designer behind Famille Summerbelle spent an insane amount of time drawing and cutting beautiful cut out maps of London, New York and Paris.


Immaculate Moleskine special edition for Yoox

For the first time a white Moleskine notebook, white as fresh milk, white cover, white elastic band, blank ruled pages.  It was created exclusively for and – guess what – is a limited edition. For those who aren’t familiar with Moleskine notebooks; they are trusted companions to the creative professions or any travellers.


Retrochic luggage by StreamLine

Hand-crafted and leather bound, the larger pieces come with discreet trolley wheels. Whilst exuding vintage chic, the collection is remarkably lightweight, perfect for easy transportation.  I like the Editors line in particular but all the models are sold out for now…