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Camera bags by M Billingham & Comust

Another day, another type of bag. The take of the day!

The new fStop range from Billingham embodies that unique combination of tradition and innovation. Designed for those times when you want to travel light, but still providing the high level of protection, style and craftsmanship.

The company’s transition from a manufacturer of fishing bags to one of camera bags came about in 1978 when Martin Billingham, a keen photographer himself, discovered that the fishing bags he made were being used by New York photographers.



Recycled designer bags by Matières à réflexion

Since 2002, Matières à réflexion proudly presents its collections of vintage-based designer bags. Each bag is hand-made and numbered in their Paris studio from carefully selected vintage jackets, safe-keeping the original vintage details. You can also commission your own unique piece and bring your own or select the vintage leather jacket.

Even if the idea of recycling is très a la mode, it doesn’t mean recycled fashion always hits the mark. Well, in that case, I think it did and will..


Boyy Slash bag in limited editions

BOYY accessories is the partnered creation of designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman. It didn’t take long for BOYY’s Slash bag, a dual-function, leather shoulder bag/evening clutch to catch on – and it is still sold out as soon as a new collection hit the stores. (the good and bad side of small production)

This season Limited Edition ‘Seamless Python Flap’ just zipped me. They are made to order and if you want even more exclusive you can opt for the latest version in crocodile limited to 6 worldwide.


Mon Monogram by Louis Vuitton

Since 2008, Louis Vuitton proposes a new personalisation concept: Mon Monogram. You can personalise one of two Louis Vuitton icons – the Speedy handbag and the Keepall travel bag and both of these in all sizes. Starting on 1 June 2009, this service will also be extended to the iconic Pégase 55 suitcase in both classic and business versions.


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Leather case by Palmer & Sons

Here is Palmer & Sons’  new basic multi use carry case.  The No.97 case is available in tan, black, brown, or chestnut, and features brass or nickel plated rivets and a handcarved wood handle. This is the perfect multi use carry case. 

All Palmer And Sons items are custom built one at a time.  As such each one will have some uniqueness about it.


La Maison Goyard

Goyard doesn’t advertise and can only be found in a couple of places around the globe – wonder why this  brand is still a hiden secret.

It started as a luxury luggage and travel case making workshop in 1853 and the family has since continued to use the same hand manufacturing techniques.  The pattern which makes the brand unique is hand painted and you can have your initials or any other symbol hand painted too.


Your tee recycled in a laptop sleeve by Hello Rewind

Hello Rewind is a company that will turn your old vintage tee into a new laptop sleeve . They accept your order for a new sleeve, then send you a pre-paid envelope and await the arrival of your tee. You purchase a laptop sleeve in your laptop size (13″, 15″ or 17″). They mail you a pre-paid envelope to send in your chosen t-shirt and they sew a custom sleeve using your t-shirt.

Within 4-8 weeks, your computer will have something new to wear…