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Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Trophy 2010 Travel Case

Commissioned by FIFA, the special Louis Vuitton order case is designed to accommodate the celebrated Trophy, which measures 36 cm in height, weighs 6.175 kg and is made of solid 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite. 

Like all Louis Vuitton special orders, the FIFA World Cup Trophy case was made at the company’s original workshop in Asnières.


Lost & Found furniture collection by &made

Each piece of &made ‘Lost & Found’ collection has been rescued from the streets and regenerated and produced into furniture. This collection is now available on commission for bespoke order.

This is just a great initiative marrying design and recycling.


Wallpapered furniture by Bryonie Porter

Loving this idea of wallpapering furniture.

Bryonie Porter creates these beautiful papered pieces using wallpaper on antique and modern furniture. Using a water-based (environmentally friendly high gloss laquer) she transforms sometimes humdrum pieces into stunning works of art.

Wallpaper used on this pic is by Timorous Beasties, a studio I have already blogged about a while back.


Ken & Dana b-side vintage scarf necklaces

Using their flair for remixing accessories Ken & Dana refashion Vintage Scarves with brass rings into one of a  kind necklaces. Available in various versions including Hermes !


Recycled designer bags by Matières à réflexion

Since 2002, Matières à réflexion proudly presents its collections of vintage-based designer bags. Each bag is hand-made and numbered in their Paris studio from carefully selected vintage jackets, safe-keeping the original vintage details. You can also commission your own unique piece and bring your own or select the vintage leather jacket.

Even if the idea of recycling is très a la mode, it doesn’t mean recycled fashion always hits the mark. Well, in that case, I think it did and will..


Make your own floating message

Just because I felt the same and I would not have been able to express it in a better way, here’s a very inspiring post from one of my favorite blog ‘Oh Joy’.

‘I’ve been sort of obsessed with giant mylar alphabet balloons for a few months now so when I saw this awesome window display in front of a Louis Vuitton shop yesterday I just about gasped out loud. Love the idea of professing a simple message or sentiment with a shiny and floaty alphabet.’


Repurpose your old jumper via Reknit

I came across this site which reminds me of two posts put up some time ago. This is exaclty at the crossroads of Golden Hook which allows you to create made-to-order beanies and Hello Rewind where you can turn your old tee into a new laptop sleeve.

I always had a thing for simple project that rivals with creativity and inginuity.  You send your old jumper and the web master’s mum will repurpose it into the pick of the month (hat, scarf or gloves).